Logbook entry #13 | Shore Leave once again

Axel got away from the warm quay wall in Porto and raced down the Portuguese coast. The dissertation is not finished yet but a real captain needs the open sea. Unfortunately he got stuck again – at least for a few days. But from the beginning: Axel spent his last days biking with the new crew member Jana. From Matosinhos they went to Porto where the Zest put out to sea.

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Next stop was Figueira da Foz. The mouth of the harbour wasn’t very relaxing because the waves broke directly beside the boat. The captain didn’t seem to be very impressed: “Still worked with a coffee in my hand”, he says.


Via Nazaré Axel and Jana sailed along to Péniche. The Atlantic dressed up with extra brute waves so Axel could forgive the wind for not blowing. Instead of kiting Axel had two awesome surf sessions with Babsi (6’3″ Shortboard). And apart from that there are also a few skateboards on the Zest. Axel without board – impossible!

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Axel should have imitated Jana who skated the rail in Peniché. Instead our chaos captain overstretched his ankle on skateboarding. The consequence: Single-handed sailing okay, single-footed at the same time – not okay. So he’s on shore leave again. We hope it won’t take as long as in Dover. Because after all Axel wants to be in Essaouira before Christmas.


So in view of the occasion: Break a leg, Axel! Or how’s it called on sailing?

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