Logbook entry #12 | At full speed towards warmth

Our Captain just scraped the last icicles off his beard and then entered the Marina Porto Atlântico. He couldn’t bear the cold days in the North so he raced from France through the Biskaya, past every dolphin, to finally soak up the Portuguese sun.

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Actually our captain wanted to work on his dissertation in Porto. But unfortunately Axel is a kiter all through. One morning he heard the sound of the waves and saw the spray above the 10 meter quay wall, so he had to take his new kite gear and off he went – with the skateboard to the beach.


The kite session wasn’t very successful. All of a sudden the wind stopped and the kite plummet completely pressureless on the water and in the shortbreak. In fact, after diverse spin cycles Axel could rescue hiself, board and kite – nevertheless the premiere of his new kite gear has failed. Back to the dissertation then..

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No, Axel was not the target of a submarine attack! This torpedo-like construct is an “autonomous underwater vehicle”, which is part of Axel’s dissertation.

Apart from that Porto seems to be a nice place for a stopover.

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Soon Axel leaves the European continent. Our captain is amped up about our destinations Dakhla, Essaouira and Cape Verde.

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You can watch Axel’s exact location on our map. Furthermore the Voting of our competition has started. You can cast a vote for the next KiteWorldWide destination in the Caribbean until 31st December.