Anne’s famous Gløgg

At some point in September, we came up with the idea of organizing the first KiteWorldWide Christmas market for our customers, partners and KiteWorldWide friends. I briefly mentioned that maybe I could make the Norwegian Glühwein (Gløgg) – as it was a big success at our Christmas Party last year. It should be said that we were around 20 persons.

Some weeks later I noticed a KiteWorldWide post on facebook, the Christmas Party is on and Anne is going to make Norwegian Glühwein. What? Public event? Yes! First thing coming into my mind was the stories about the teenagers, who posts their ‘home alone’ parties on facebook and by mistake make the party public.

As you all know we are a very organized and event-experienced troup of people ;) and despite this, our office is big enough to host at least maybe 100 people, so this shouldn’t be a problem. As the days passed by, it was pretty clear that we would be a great deal more than 100 people. In the end 202 guests signed in and 219 people were interested in coming.


And now to the real big brain challenge… Let’s make home made hot Norwegian Glühwein for how many people?

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For the many of you asking for the recipe, here’s what you need for 100-200 people:

150 L Red Vine (dry, not too strong…  less alcoholic content!)
10kg Sugar (or honey)
150 Cinnamon Sticks (mmmmmhhh!!!)
2 Kg Ginger (gibt den Glühwein ein bisschen mehr wumms, man kann hier auch weniger nehmen)
10 bags of cardamom powder (30g per bag)
1 Box of Cloves (intensive taste, some like it, some not)
300 Oranges (only the skin of the oranges.. for 300 oranges you might need a good peeler. We only had a blunt kitchen knife ;)
50 Limes (like Cubi, quartered, not squashed)
3kg honey (or more, instead of sugar)
raisins and almonds

I hope you all paid attention to the importance of putting the raisins&almonds into the Glühwein, that’s what makes it Norwegian.


Thanks all for coming, it was a blast – skål and see you next year!!