Stormy October in Cape Town

Jana is our host in the KiteWorldWide Mansion in Cape Town and has been there since the end of September. She knows all the spots as well as as where the wind blows at the moment. Also, when it comes to other activities, Jana knows Cape Town and the surroundings best. She knows where to eat out, where to go shopping and where to go to, to have an amazing time in Cape Town. Just now she  has reported from her stormy October in Cape Town. It begins with storm. Continuous. Day and night.

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At the beginning of October, Jana and her team together with all the guests mostly went kitesurfing “right on the doorstep” of the Mansion. Most of the time she would go out on the water with only a four square meters kite, because of the stormy weather. Altough the waves weren’t really huge, they where perfect for having fun. They also did a lot of downwinders from Sunset Beach, where the Mansion is located at, to Bloubergstrand.

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When there was no wind at Sunset Beach, they usually made trips to Witsands or to Langebaan. Langebaan with its turquoise water lagoon, was impressive to all of them again and again. In addition to that, Langebaan has perfect, steady wind conditions. This is the place where a lot of people have their first try outs on wave boards, so they can use their first impressions and experiences in the waves of Sunset Beach. All in all, it was an awesome month, with great winds and a perfect start for the season!


Oh, if you are wondering how the wind conditions in Cape Town are right at the moment. Then you should have a look at our KiteWorldWide Live Wind & Webcam. Which you can find here!