Logbook entry #9 | Sail away Dover. Finally free!

The headline already makes it clear: After three weeks in Dover Captain Hackbarth is finally allowed to leave the english mainland. Tough times for the sea bear at the port and the fresh salt-breeze just reinforced his longing for the waves. Fortunately his buddy Kevin was on his side, who will accompany him to Porto. Together they fixed the new rudder, which Axel waited for so long and which finally arrived in Dover.


Good things come to those who wait, so after three weeks of horrible abstinence the Zest urged for some waves under the keel. Meanwhile Axel was happy with his purchase. “The new rudder and autopilot Hein are a great team. It works much more fluid and pressureless than before”, says our captain. Next stop: Cherbourg in the Normandie.


The pause was long and most of all cold. Axel and his “crew” Kevin need to arrive in the South as fast as possible. Because in the end it’s not getting warmer in the North. Also the smiley on the temperature indicator wasn’t too happy. Ahoy!


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