Logbook entry #10 | Axel’s search over?

Axel gave us a real scare on the weekend. Our captain just sent us these four words: “Axel’s search is over”. At KiteWorldWide we imagined the worst: Was his new rudder broken after only one week? Was the Zest wrecked? After Axel’s rudder crack in October we had all the crazy possibilities in our minds at the KiteWorldWide-Office in Hamburg.

The enlightenment was a relief. “Had an awesome kite session. Perfect spot”, Axel summed up his stay on the Glénan Islands. Not the project “Axel’s search” was over, Axel just had found his perfect spot already – a classic example for communication difficulties in times of the internet. 45 minutes before sundown Axel arrived on the islands and saw nine kites above the horizon. When all kiters packed up their stuff, he went on the water until it got dark and the Zest almost couldn’t be found again.


The next day was full of kite action. Axel rounded the main island and many of the smaller Glénan Islands.


Although the Zent wasn’t wrecked and the new rudder is working flawless, there are still lots of repairs to do.


In reward for the hard work he got new toys from Core which are doing very well next to the Zest. You can look forward to new kite sessions with Axel.


Although our captain fell deeply in love with the kitespot on the Glénan Islands, he had to admit that the trip is far from over. It’s simply too cold at the french Atlantic coast. So the sails are set and the next stop will be Porto, a long way to sail. We hope that the wind won’t let him down.


Our competition is running and you can still win a trip to Kenya for two persons. We already have 26 spot suggestions. Where Axel is located at the moment you can see on our map anytime.