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The past and the present

It’s now been three years since the last time I visited Brazil and five years since I lived and studied in Fortaleza. It would be an understatement to say that little has changed…

…the roads! WOW, travelling from A to B is no longer the adventure it used to be…

…the Koreans! People travelling to Cumbuco and Taiba would know what I talk about. I’ve got no words!

…Wifi! YEEES, now you can be online in every little café and every Brazilian runs around with a smart phone sending whatsapps. Even the little kid in one of the indigenous reserves asked me if I’m on facebook!

…the prices! Due to the Real Crisis, Brazil is again a very cheap country to travel to – you get Caipi’s for 1€J And Hammocks for 15€, Havaianas for 5€, and so on…


But, there are some things that haven’t changed at all! The things we all love about Brazil…

…the WIND! It’s just there. Every day. Constant, never ending, providing you with the best kitesurfing conditions in the world.


…the people! As friendly as always, open minded, curious and helpful!


…tranquility! Everything and everyone’s slower. I love it!


…the food! The filet mignon never tasted better, the Acaí boosts your energy level, the Mangos and Papayas are fresher than ever and the Coconuts just top it all!

…the sand dunes in the North of Ceará! Off the beaten track, simply a journey into the unknown! This is where I will take you now…

The essence of kitesurfing in Brazil

Kitesurfing in Brazil is so much more than the famous lagoons in Cumbuco, Taiba, Uruau… – where all the pros fight for the space and scream at every ‘oh so annoying’ beginner who dares to cross their territory. This is where I used to train when I was living in Brazil, and yes I admit, I did spend some days here this time as well and truly enjoyed it. Because I can handle the lack of space and the ‘coolness’ of the ‘coolest’;) And you do find the best training conditions in these lagoons, that’s for sure! But you will miss out of the essence of kitesurfing in Brazil.

Go to Prea & Jeri! I had the luck to be invited for a stay in Rancho do Peixe and Villa Kalango in Prea and Jericoacoara. After the first days in Cumbuco we started the travel to the North of Ceará, including a short visit to a ‘secret’ lagoon in an indigenous reserve close to Prea.


First stop Rancho do Peixe in Prea. Rancho do Peixe is rated as one of the best hotels in Brazil, has everything you wish for: Kingsize bungalows with kingsize beds, however without making you feel lost, private decks with hammocks, outdoor showers, a great restaurant and bar and a breakfast buffet, which makes you eat forever, spa, swimming pool, beach restaurant/ bar and an own beachfront kiteschool

It’s a great accommodation! But it’s not enough just to be great; there are tons of great accommodations in Brazil… Rancho do Peixe is one of those few places where you feel that you have come home. You feel Brazil! The closeness to nature topped by the amazing friendly employees. I was speechless! We spent the first night at the terrace in the hammock in front of our bungalow with a bottle of wine just listening to the peacefulness of nature in the middle of a great palm garden.

Untitled-10Untitled-11 Untitled-12

This is the starting point for some of the best downwind tours you will ever experience. And if all the relaxing and peacefulness gets on your nerves, Jericoacoara, the mecca of windsurfing and kitesurfing, is just a stone’s throw away and Rancho do Peixe offers free shuttles to Jeri during the day and evening.


Personally, a few nights in Jeri is enough for me so we spent two nights at Rancho’s ‘sister’ Pousada, Villa Kalango. Oh my, what a place and again, what a Pousada! It’s not as spacious as Rancho, but therefore it lies more or less in the centre of Jeri, directly at the beach with the best view of Jeri’s highlight: The sunset dune!


I love the hustle and bustle of Jeri, it makes you feel alive in a relaxed way. Even though being one of the most famous tourist places in Ceará, Jeri has managed to stay a magical place and retain its authenticity and its rustic air. The Jeri-feeling can impossibly be described, it has to be experienced!


Go to Tatajuba!

Our journey up North was completed by visiting Tatajuba, KiteWorldWide’s “secret” spot discovered just some years ago. During the buggy ride to Tatajuba we couldn’t get the smiles of our faces, isn’t it amazing what the power of nature can do to a person?

Massive sand dunes as far as the eye can see, blue lagoons popping out of nowhere, rivers, lakes and mangrove forests, endless empty beaches and kitesurfing spots.


Just an hour drive from Jericoacoara (well, it would normally take one hour if you don’t stop everywhere for pictures or end up doing a boat trip through a tangled mangrove forest) we ended up in Tatajuba. A different world, exactly what a kitesurfer looks for: An empty flat water spot with the most reliable wind in Brazil and a very special, relaxed and luxury Pousada just at the spot. In the middle of nowhere!

What makes YOU happy?

The funny thing is, I’ve been up in the North of Ceará before, but only now managed to enjoy the fullest of this amazing region. I guess I got more relaxed with the years and realized that I do not need 6 hours a day in a crowded lagoon learning a new trick in order to be happy…;)

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The secret time of the year

Obviously there are already so many spots to choose between in Brazil, it’s not easy to know where to go. Every spot has something special, every accommodation has something special. I would recommend everyone to see a little bit of everything, like the combination of Prea, Jeri and Tatajuba for instance!

My secret tip to all of you: Try Brazil in January and February! Empty spots and still windy, especially the spots up North!

Stay tuned for more travel stories from Anne! In February she will be at the KiteWordWide Lodge Kenya.