Velkommen til Danmark

Friday was skipping-work day at our office in Hamburg. Based on the motto “it’s better to work by the sea” the whole KiteWorldWide team squeezed together in three vans and went off to Denmark. After we left the traffic chaos in Hamburg, we almost got half of the travel time over with. After our arrival in the cottage, we had some good food and took the evening slow. Reason for that: The next day we expected wind.. Loads of wind.


Here we go! Saturday morning we let our kites fly. While Kathi tought the beginners how to fly a kite, the experienced kiters heated the cold sea.

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But as you know KiteWorldWide, we weren’t in Denmark just for holiday. On the second day we organized a group work. Because of the wonderful sunshine we converted the cottage’s garden into a working space. The groups worked on optimizing processes, organizing new domains, and setting strategies for the future. The work evaluation took place at the beach. Where else?


And also the fun shouldn’t go short at this weekend. Beneath the work we had lots of time for getting to know each other, music and barbecue.

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The last day again was work-intensitive. Beneath further group work, KiteWorldWide and the tour operator’s DNA were in the foreground. The team had to answer the questions: Who are we and what do we want to achieve?


And if you wanted to reach us in the office on Saturday – we’ve probably been on the water meanwhile and hanged our kites in the wind. Who would understand that better than you?