Logbook entry #8 | Sick of the land

For all those, who didn’t get the latest news: Two weeks ago on the way through the English Channel Axel’s rudder cracked, so his Zest stagnated off Dover. In the tight passage (see map), fortunately he was saved very fast by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. You can check all the happenings in the Logbook entry #7. Back then we looked for a new rudder, that we also found by now, but it’ll arrive as recently as next Tuesday. That means: Waiting and killing time.


There is plenty to do on the Zest: Splicing leashes, reparing the lens, shifting the weight to the front for the helm reparation. And also the mast had to be checked.

Rep1 Rep3Rep4 Rep2

And how kills a real sea dog his time when he doesn’t have to repair the boat? Kiting of course! The self-appointed “Lord of Choppiness” gives you the impressions of his first kite session on his trip in this movie. Beneath kiting there are lots of nice places in Dover to discover:


We hope that the “land sickness” won’t badger our captain to much, and that he can set his sails again as early as possible. Otherwise the only thing which might help is a bottle full of – nuts. What else?


If Axel leaves Dover sometime, he will start out for Porto where he wants to finish his dissertation. After he warmed himself up in the South, and kited every wind at our destinations in Essaouira, Dakhla and Cape Verde, the great transatlantic crossing is coming up. We got many good spot suggestions for Axel’s search in the Caribbean already. If you have a suggestion for another magnificent kitespot, take part in our competition and win a journey to Kenya.

Where Axel is located at the moment, you will see anytime on our map.