Logbook entry #6 | Race through the English Channel

“Best wishes from Don Quichotte.” That’s how Axel got in touch with us, after leaving the Scheveningen harbour, to enter the English Channel through big offshore wind farms. Recently at his side is “Sancho Panza”, also called Georg, who is a skipper on the Alster and the founder of Hamburg city sailing. The non-wind period is over, since Axel and Georg left Scheveningen. Instead the wind is stronger than ever before. Reason enough for the two Skippers to stage a nighttime speed race. Autopilot “Hein” could rest in the meantime, to save electricity and because he does’t work at high speed anyway. Axel was quite happy with his 9.1 knots at 2.30 a.m.. At 5.30 a.m. Georg broke Axel’s record with 9.9 knots, but he had to relinquish his title of the fastest Skipper on the “Zest” only one hour later. In the still pitch-dark water, he reached 10.9 knots, what corresponds 20 kmph. In the video you can experience the “Zest feeling”, including authentic sound of the sea (turn up the volume, if you’re familiar with the german language):

And to end logbook entry #6 with Axel’s, aka Don Quichotte’s words: “Let’s finish this can of KERNenergie nuts and let’s battle the windmills on the water.”