Logbook entry #5 | Up one minute – down the next

That’s how Axel could have felt, after the wind didn’t stop blowing in the first place, but then stopped immediately. In Logbook entry #4 we told you about nine knots. But Wednesday night the wind died down so much, so that Axel had to set full sails. Yesterday morning the wind stopped completely, what meant: “All sails down and start the engine. That’s not gonna work all the way to Calais”, said Axel. He also summarized all the happenings in his video for you (for those of you, who have a basic impression of the german language)

Axel had no wind, but he was happy about the interesting new experience, to sail single-handed in the nighttime. Besides, he had no problems having his 15-minutes naps, although he had to watch out for the crisscross going fishing boats. And because of his motor, Axel finally could put into harbour in Scheveningen, close to Den Haag, where his friend Georg waited to join him on bord.


Indeed, Scheveningen is not Calais, but Axel was happy to have a good sleep. Let’s drink to that and to the first 200 sea miles (ca. 370 kilometers) since Axel left Helgoland. “I killed a good black barrel to that. Ahoi”, let Axel us know in our Office in Hamburg. And in addition to the drink he had his KERNenergie nuts. Skul, Axel! And may the sea gods be with you.