Logbook entry #1 | Sails have been hoisted

This early morning, the time had finally come. Under the best sailing conditions, clear sky and tail-east wind Axel Hackbarth and his Zest set sail and started their six-month sail from Hamburg to the Caribbean.


(From left to right: Denis the founder of Kernenergie, Peter the founder of Schwerelosigkite, Axel the skipper and Juergen founder of KiteWorldWide)
From the Port of Harburg he had to make his way through locks into the Elbe, where a photochallange was waiting for him: a few turns in the dawn infront of the Elbphilharmonie. Axel is on its way to find a new kite surf destination for us.

Axels Suche - Foto- KiteWorldWide - Jürgen Sievers4243

His journey across the Atlantic Ocean first leads him via Helgoland, through the English Channel, past France and around the Iberian Peninsula to Lisboa. From there he’ll sail to Essaouira and Dakhla in Morocco and on to the Cape Verde Islands. From there on, he will be on his own and hopefully arrives in Barbados, after a successful transatlantic crossing, in January. No further plans were made, so we hope to see a lot of tips from the community, to send axel to undiscovered, Caribbean kite surf destinations.

651Axels Suche - Foto- KiteWorldWide - Jürgen Sievers9Axels Suche - Foto- KiteWorldWide - Jürgen Sievers7

The sail is supported by Kern Energie, clothes by Schwerelosigkite and kite surf material by Core Kiteboarding.
For more info about Axel, his story and the journey have a look here.

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