Kite and Eat

There are some things, which are essential, when you’re on a journey. A few of these things are sun, of course kitesurfing and the most important: Food.


Nibbling is the most obvious and omnipresent form of culture and nobody, who sees more in traveling than sun, beach and sea, can get around it. No spot exists twice. Therefore every food culture is unique. So if you can’t decide upon one destination or another, just follow the temptation of the exotic kitchens.

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The sea has much more to offer than water for kiting. At all our destinations there are fresh fish and sea fruits – as much as the heart desires. Our team rider Anne Valvatne favours lobster and shrimps in Kenya: “The freshest you can get.” Sea fruits as well as other specalitites are served grilled most of the time. Like man always gather around the embers, the fire also assumes a very important role at all of the KiteWorldWide destinations. Nobody should miss a real KiteWorldWide-Barbecue in Cape Town or Essaouira.


And who can’t get anything out of the delicacies from the sea, doesn’t need to be afraid. There are lots of alternatives. At our destinations there are no masses of food stacked on big buffets, but prepared and served with fresh ingredients from the surroundings everyday.

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As dessert a coffee on Sicily? Or a mango by the wayside in Sri Lanka?


At all our destinations it’s not only important, what comes on the table, but especially, who comes at the table. The dinner is always served on the Long Table, where all house guests come together in the evening, have a talk about the happenings of the day and enjoy the food together.


To be honest: Food tastes better all over the world, if you can enjoy it together.