In at the deep end

The start of an internship isn’t always too easy. New town, new colleagues, and especially: 1000 questions. KiteWorldWide took the famous “throwing in at the deep end” literally, closed the office on Friday and went to the sea in Denmark – interns included.


The water was pretty cold, but the atmosphere was “on fire”. Especially the complete beginners Sina, Steffi, Sarah and Benni were bursting to experience kitesurfing. The conditions were perfect, so the team spend all the day on the water – or in the air.


In the group work on the following day also the interns had a say. For example there has been layed the foundation of an intern guide at the weekend, which guarantees a perfect start into the internship. Many results of the group works exhibited, that the experienced KiteWorldWide employees’s ideas were good to be added with the new employees’s suggestions. Fresh wind is not only conducive during a kitesurfing session. And also beyond the group works there were lots of stuff to talk about. Between cooking island and wineglass not only the degree course and the residence were important – Getting to know the KiteWorldWide team as easy as it could be.


So many new experiences can be tiring..


The start of an internship sometimes is easy after all. Getting to know new colleagues? Check. 1000 questions? Maybe 500 left. And new town? That’s what an intern really should be able to manage by himself.