Axel’s Search – Alone across the Atlantic Ocean

In the year 1492 Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic Ocean to find a new continent. The Skipper Axel Hackbarth from Hamburg will follow the same line. Just like Columbus he’s searching. Not for a whole continent though. On his sailing trip, Axel wants to find a new kitespot for KiteWorldWide. Together with KERNenergie we support Axel on his journey. 

Axel has been loving all sorts of boardsports since he was kid. Snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding and of course; kitesurfing. He loves the power of the kite and especially the individuality one can express with the personal style of riding. Usually Axel is not the most extroverted person but when he’s out kitesurfing in front of the little harbour on Fehmarn (Spot “Orth”) he becomes a true stage struck. “It just pushes my riding to a whole new level when I see how little crowds of passing pedestrians are fascinating by what I’m doing on the water. I love this feeling.”

Next to kitesurfing, Axel has another big hobby. Sailing. In the past 10 years he’s been sailing more than 10.000 sea miles across many waters. Especially the Atlantic has always fascinated him. To cross it one day all by himself has been an idea in his head ever since. Now, the time for new challenges in Axels Life has come.


Axels Suche - Foto- KiteWorldWide - Jürgen Sievers4

Axels first stop is going to be Essaouira, Morocco where he visits the KiteWorldWide Riad. From there he continues to Dakhla to enjoy some last flatwater riding before he sails all the way to Sal, Cape Verde Islands. This will be the last stop before he sails off to his big Atlantic adventure. After approximately 4000 kilometers he’ll reach Barbados in the Carribean. And from here you guys set the course. That’s right, to find a new dreamspot we thought who’s better to ask than our community?

To make sure that he won’t get bored, Axel has quite some tools on board. Kite equipment (sponsored by the guys from Core Kiteboarding), diving equipment, a longboard, a skateboard, some surfboards, a underwater roboter and of course a drone will keep him busy.

In order to stay posted about Axels latest adventures make sure to check his logbook. Furthermore you can check out our map to track his latest location and upcoming destinations.