Laura & Anne in Tarifa: 24/7 kitesurfing, beach party, shopping, tapas and night life

Tarifa is everything, which it promised to be. It’s has been some amazing 5 days of 24/7 nonstop experience from early morning hours till late night; surfing, biking, SUP, wakeboarding, horse riding, whale watching, hiking, sun bathing, parties, eating, shopping, sightseeing… and of course kitesurfing! Did we sleep at all?


It’s high season in Tarifa and the city is truly vibrating. Wherever you go, people from all over the world fill up the narrow alleys of Tarifa old town; kiters, surfers, families, couples, friends, backpackers… Tarifa is an energetically unique place that attracts and affects people, to call it lively would be a severe understatement!





The main beach in the high season for kitesurfing is Los Lances. This is where everyone meets! Beginners, intermediates, advanced, swimmers, normal beach tourist and Spanish party people mingle around creating quite a chaotic first impression. You’d think it’s too crowded to get a good kitesurf session going, but actually it’s somehow all sorted out as the kite school and advanced areas are divided. The beach is huge, wide and sandy and certainly offers enough space. We had two days of Poniente wind, super steady side-onshore, and I managed to find my line on the water and get some good wind in my hair!




We also had one day of Levante… it’s off shore and gusty! We spent the day at the beach with our local partner kite school, as I was extremely curious on the way of instruction during the crazy Levante. And it works! I’m impressed with the way and organization of the kite crew. The goal is to make every student feel safe by shortening the lines down to 4 meters. It looks ridicules, BUT – it certainly works. Big smiles and happy faces! Some students even were riding upwind. Interesting to see and especially interesting to compare the work of our kiteschool with many of the others at the beach…




Next to kitesurfing, beach and party life there is a lot more to experience in and around Tarifa. It is a wonderful base for excursions into the area or boat trips across the Strait of Gibraltar. It is the place for sports, yoga, hiking and biking! It’s a culinary highlight and a shopping paradise. It’s a place for relaxation or just enjoying the stunning sunsets in the Atlantic Sea.


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And I could go on for ages… Fact is, Tarifa gives you no break, of course unless you want it!