The first time in Kenya – Tobis trip and his first impressions of the KiteWorldWide Lodge

My adventure in Kenya started with a relaxed flight. I am flying through the night in my shirt and shorts, next to me a Kenyan in a pullover.

True, in Kenya is winter time right now. Hakuna Matta, everything will be alright. Touchdown at 4:20 am. It is still dark but with already very pleasant 23 degrees. So I was not so wrong with my clothing.

Jacob, my driver was already waiting at the airport. At 5:30 am we drove through Mombasa which was already very alive.

Cars, Tuk Tuk. A lot was going on in the streets at this time. Passing colorful houses with a mixture of colonial and african style. Impressive and a totally different world. Althouhgt I am very tired from the flight I am wide awake through all those impressions.

We leave Mombasa, roads just going straight, we pass slow busses trucks with a lot of oncoming traffic. The number of houses decline the number op palm trees increases. What a wonderful view.

Slowly the sun rises an the landscape is covered with yellowish light. Jacob has a lot to tell. Passing palms, some colourful houses and sugar cane plantations. After 90 minutes we leave the main road, driving on sand into the bushes now. I hear the sounds of a lot of animals. Passing the town Mwazaro and its school who is supported by the lodge. Driving in a very slow speed on a tiny sandy road.

We have reached the destination after a 2 hour ride. I am welcomed by incredibly friendly people and fresh coconut.

My home for the next 2,5 months. I am so impressed. Houses of coral, Makutis of mangrove wood and palm leaves as a roof. Palms in the middle of the lodge, white sand beach an everywhere I hear the sea. I am at the right place!

I am looking around. A restaurant surrounded by high tide. A rooftop bar with a view into the jungle on the one side and the sea on the other side, exactly as in my accommodation. Additionally I have a bed on my balcony with sea view. How awesome is this?! The whitest sand at the beach surrounded by mangrove trees left and right. The kite center in the middle of palms.

I can stay here for a while.

After the breakfast I have a look around. Incredible. With low tide you can walk along the beach for kilometers, crabs are hiding from me.

Native people using the beach as a path. Coral rocks in the back with palms and incredibly thick trees. In the water we have immense mangrove woods passing the castle Bati until the river Ramisi. I get  to know new people and I have a look around the kite center. It is in an excellent condition. I cannot stop smiling thinking of staying here for the next 10 weeks. I am overwhelmed by the location, the beach, the beauty, the friendliness of the people and also by the food.

After 3 days I could finally check out the kitespot. We arrived at the sandbank with white sand, surrounded by turquoise water.

A 30 minutes ride with the boat directly in front of the beaches of Funzi Island. A massive sandbank with waves windward and small lagoons on the lee side. What a spot, perfectly flat water, hip-deep water. I didn’t let too much time pass for setting up my kite and testing them.

It is so warm that I just need my boardshorty. Awesome. Kiting under the kenyan sun with postcard like landscape around.


To sum up the first days: I am totally stoked. An incredible lodge as close to the water as possible. An awesome landscape and beaches. A wicked kite spot. And all accompanied by the friendliest people and delicious food. I am not leaving any more!