Montenegro – proudly presenting our team

The high seaon has started in Montenegro and the wind is also very reliable. Since more than 2 weeks the thermal wind starts at around 1o’clock in the afternoon.

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The team and the guests are pleased and happy but why should it be different? With daily breakfast at the Windyard and altogether had the most relaxed start into the day. We have a team which is 24/7 available, consisting of Miriam as a tour guide and Micha as the kite instructor. He can answer to all of your questions concerning courses. But you can also contact me (Jenny) as we are all living with you in the house.

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At around 12 o’clock we go to the beach for being on time when the thermal wind kicks in. At the station you will find a big team of more instructors and beach assistants. Samir and Genc are our local partner. Both are at the beach every day and take care of a smooth flow. They both have VDWS license and give courses as well. They are supported from Adrian and Meriton. Adrian, Samir and Genc are all from Ulcinj and Meriton is from Kosovo. All four are there for you at all times and help as best as they can.

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Nirvan, Paki and Gentian are responsible for handing out the material and for launching the kites at the beach. They stay at the beach all day are very responsible and there for you at all times.

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At around 7 o’clock we head back altogether to the kite house to get some nice food from Caspar and his team. You definitely have to try the Capetown Burger :)

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Come by and get to know everyone personally :)