KiteWorldWide goes Asia, me too!

Finally, here it is, KiteWorldWide’s first Asian destination: Kalpityja / Sri Lanka. And finally, my first travel to Asia! Our brand new lodge at the Kalpityja lagoon opened up its doors on the 20th June and I arrived a couple of days earlier bringing last equipment and gear from Germany. Well, if my baggage would have arrived, I would have brought everything before opening up the doors – but somehow I never seem to arrive anywhere with my luggage at the moment…

Sri Lanka-20

4 days without my gear and clothing… Didn’t matter! I got brand new boards and kites from the school and went shopping grandmother underwear in the neighbouring village. Kitesurfing is a dream, so I’ve just been one big smile since arrival; flat water and most of the day enough space to practice or just cruise around. The wind is on 24/7, so you don’t really have to worry about missing out on a session.

Sri Lanka-16

Together with the first guests we’ve been flying 6-9 m2 non-stop from early morning till sunset. The boat tour to the spot is for free and takes around 5 minutes. You can start in front of the lodge, but in the summer time the wind here comes in very gusty – AND – if you take the boat you can bring an extra kite, bar, water and so on. During lunchtime we go back to the lodge for some food, rest and head it back to the spot for the evening session late afternoon. We tested a so-called dream spot as well, 1 hour away with the boat. Imagine the small lagoons in Brazil, just 10 times the size, only for you and the rest of the KiteWorldWide guests… That rocks!

Sri Lanka-5

Sri Lanka-3

Check out some of the pictures and my first 30 sec video, pack you stuff and the 50+ sunblock and come join us (I really mean 50+, the sun is burning so strong – as expected there is no sign of any rainy season!).

Sri Lanka-18 Sri Lanka-7 Sri Lanka-11

Sri Lanka-21 Sri Lanka-17 Sri Lanka-14 Sri Lanka-13

Sri Lanka-10