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This month started with two highlights! Our new path towards the beach is ready. It is looking really good now and our chef Ibi was the first one who tested the way to the beach and went kitesurfing after a long time. For everyone who has not been here before: The way to the beach is just 30 meters long as you just need to open the gate and viola, you are standing right at the beach. It is always worth checking out the kitchen for getting some power with our delicious breakfast. From 8 am our kitchen staff serves a nice and fresh breakfast. Starting with boiled eggs, cornflakes over to marmalade, yogurt, ham and many more what the athlete needs.

DSC07386 DSC07441

It hardly happens that we just have a few guests, no kite courses but good wind conditions. This month our kite instructors Nagy and Martin had the chance for exploiting the wind and learning new tricks. Our team from the beach also had the chance to try kitesurfing. Their bodydrags already looked really good!

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In the middle of this month the Ramadan started, meaning that most of the team are neither eating nor drinking or smoking anything from sunrise until sunset. With round about 40 degrees in the shade it is a tremendous challenge and needs a lot of guts to pass this time. But still our team is cooking and preparing food for you, helps at the beach and cleans your rooms. Just after the sunset you need to be patient as they can finally start eating and drinking to regain their strength.