Downwinder to Ada Bojana

It has been one of those days in Montenegro when it is already hot at breakfast time and when you can see the thermal clouds over the mountain range at the horizon. This always means something positive. So off to the beach at around 12 o’clock to not miss something.

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When you arrive at the beach usually it is very quiet and relaxed with a flat sea through the slight offshore wind. So time for a coffee at the beach bar.


And as predicted you could watch the thermal wind kicking in at 1 o’clock when he turns from east to typical direction from northwest. The flags start to move and within 10 minutes the conditions are perfect for the session. Every day the same procedure, very impressive.

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Then the beach fills up with people who cannot wait to go out on the water. And we had a plan as well. Going with our advanced kitesurfer to a river mouth with flatwater at Ada Bojana. Our lovely Miriam was already waiting there for driving us back to the kite school.

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4 kilometer downwind in the waves, passing other kite schools and with a lot of space. It should be one of the best sessions here in Montenegro. Trying everything what comes into your mind without caring about loosing height. Incredible!

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Arrived at the river mouth they could decide if they want to kite in the sea with some waves or in the river mouth with perfect flatwater freestyle conditions. You just had to watch the fisherman and the cold water of the river.

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So or so everyone was exhausted after his session and very happy that Miriam gave us a lift back home. Some legs wouldn’t have made going back upwind all the way :-D