Season opening Montenegro

Just in time for the season opening the Montenegro kitesurf bus has been prepared and our local team was on the way to Montenegro. 2000km, so what? Our kite instructors Michi and Tobi were on board, Tabea the Monenegro expert and Carol, our marketing representative.

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The trip was long but really nice. We drove from Germany to Austria, Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia, arriving finally in Montenegro. We drove along the wonderful coast from Croatia on. It should be considered opening up a new KiteWorldWide destination there as we saw some beautiful spots along the way.

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After 28 hours and way too many energy drinks the four finakky arrived in Ulcinj in the KiteWorldWide house. The next morning they went directly tot he kite beach and of course the thermal kicked in.

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But our crew is not there for spending their holidays and they started setting up the station and the KiteWorldWide house together with the locals, preparing everything for your arrival.

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But they do have a nice time there, especially when the wind kicks in during lunch break. Almost all oft he rest of the ffice in Hamburg followed and set up a second office there. Why not?

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The KiteWorldWide team did a great job there and everyone is proud oft he outcome. The kite school and the KiteWorldWide house is awaiting you. The first students already arrived on Monday and Michi and Tobi gave their first kitesurfing lessons. So what are you waiting for?