The latest SUP Boards from Best

We have kept the latest SUP boards from Best for quite a while here in our office in Hamburg. Nasty weather and low temperatures have kept us apart from testing.

But last weekend I had a date with some friends in Kiel over an extended weekend. No wind at all but very nice weather. So I packed two SUP boards into my Smart For Two and made my way to Kiel.

best sup-1 best sup-2

After a little inflating contest with my brother Max we have set up the boards within 10 minutes and were ready to go.

Wonderful weather, no wind and a stunning surrounding were awaiting us in the little Spot of Dänisch Nienhof. The SUPs are very easy to handle due to their low weight and the carrying loop – you can easily carry it by sup-4 best sup-5best sup-8 best sup-6

After a little cruising tour along the coast we were up for some relaxing and yoga. The Best boards are super stable and make it easy for SUP-newcomer like us.

best sup-9 best sup-11 best sup-12

In total a very nice day on baltic sea. I am very stoked of the new SUPs! They are a very nice alternative here in Germany if there is no wind at all. I am very curious how they will be like in the waves. I will let you know!

And for showing you how convinced we are with the new generation of SUPs we give you 100€ on top for each one you buy and a travelling voucher with us for another 100€. Everything you need to do is ordering here. So, see you on the water!

best sup-13 best sup-14 best sup-15