Wave Clinic with Mitu – learn with the world champion

During my stay at Capo Verde I had the great chance to take part at a KiteWorldWide clinic with wave legend Mitu Monteiro. A welcome opportunity to get some good advices to work on my skills.

Waveclinic-17 Waveclinic-2 Waveclinic-8

There were about to come diverse days for us learning and experiencing a lot. The groups were very mixed concerning their level: from total beginner with a wave board to advanced wave kiter. We started at 9a.m. every single day and they brought us to the best working spot for the day.

Waveclinic-3 Waveclinic-6

For a start they taught us the basics of the wave and explained the most important emergency situations. Afterwards they set up several focal points together with the participants. So we have had turnarounds, turns and the first strapless jumps in our program. Perfect!

Waveclinic-4 Waveclinic-7 Waveclinic-15

Mitu has pushed us very early and brought us on a bigger day to Punta Preta – the best wave on Capo Verde. Huge, powerful and not to underestimate. After hesitating a little everyone jumped into the wave and I think everyone also had his best wave day of their lifes!Whenever something was going wrong Mitu always was with us solving the problem!

Waveclinic-19 Waveclinic-9 Waveclinic-12

Of course a nice framework program was also set up. Barbecue evenings, lunch or one or two relaxed beer created a very relaxed atmosphere.

Waveclinic-13 Waveclinic-14 Waveclinic-18

Time passed by too fast! Everyone rose in his skills and we also had a lot of fun under the supervision of  Mitu. I would come back every time because there is always something to learn!

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