Season in Italy is about to kick off

A huge flat water lagoon, more than 300 days of wind a year and summer temperatures from March to November. That is Lo Stagnone Marsala in Sicily! We new accommodations directly at the spot, KiteWorldWide is ready to enter the first season. Here, you can be sure always to have enough space for cruising or freestyling.


We sent out Basti to the spot to set things right for you:

The spot between the endless wine plantations is very promising. A huge shallow water area with as good as no obstacles, the friendly local people, a great team of instructors and the perfect weather are just a few of the reasons for it. The region has much to offer as well. There are countless opportunities for excursions, incredible good food with lots of fresh fruit, super good local wine and ultimately the friendliness of the people just puts the lit on the spot.


A cheap, quick and uncomplicated journey with airlines such as  Ryanair, with only 10 minutes airport transfer and a high wind probability complete your program.

Here are some pictures from the first kite surf course that we gave in Sicily:

Sizilien-15 Sizilien-10Sizilien-17Sizilien-16  Sizilien-14 Sizilien-13 Sizilien-12 Sizilien-11