Lennis Zanzibar Diary

Since Kenya has been a total success, I was more than stoked to get to know Zanzibar. The stories of turquoise water and the variety of the island sounds too good to be true. Soon I should know all about it!
A cheap, half an hour flight makes Zanzibar and Kenya a perfect combination. Once I arrived in Jambiani, I grabbed a SUP and explored the spot. Surreal!
SansibarLenni-4 SansibarLenni-12

The first days, we unfortunately didn’t have too much wind. However, that wasn’t a problem looking at all the tour possibilities on the island. Especially the combo tour of snorkeling and surfing seemed pretty interesting! Early in the morning we went to the boats and were rewarded with completely empty snorkel spots.

SansibarLenni-27 SansibarLenni-31

After countless various colored fishes and corals, we headed to the reef break. Waves of 0.5 – 1.5m height, which broke clean over old corals, were awaiting us. Low risk of injury and a lot fun for the whole group.
The day ended with a chilled beer and some reggae back in Jambiani.
SansibarLenni-29 SansibarLenni-30 SansibarLenni

For the next day some wind was promised in the forecast. And it arrived. Boosted by the thermic of the island, we had a wonderful session until sunset. Magical!
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The next tour which I can totally recommend, is the “Blue Safari” tour. On the other site of the island we started again with some snorkeling. This time we even spotted dolphins. Afterwards we had an amazing sea food BBQ on an lonely island. Delicious!

SansibarLenni-7 SansibarLenni-8 SansibarLenni-28

The second part of the tour consists of sport activities. Either you kitesurf behind a sandbank with perfect flat water conditions or you go for a ride on the wakeboard. The day ends with a spectacular sunset behind the mangrove forrest.

SansibarLenni-6 SansibarLenni-9 SansibarLenni-10

We haven’t been too lucky with the wind until now but if it shows up, the spot offers perfect flat water conditions at low tide and a huge area to ride at high tide. The water has bathtub temperature and looks just amazing.SansibarLenni-2 SansibarLenni-23 SansibarLenni-25

Now a couple of words regarding the accommodations: The Red Monkey Lodge is a bit closer to the kite school and definitely more familial. The eco-lodge concept also seems very attractive to me. The Coral Rock focusses a bit more on luxury and has rather resort character. Both accommodations are recommendable! Visitors from Europe should be aware though, that you are in the deepest Africa and shouldn’t wonder if things don’t always work as they do at home.

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For us it was also very important to experience the local culture, history and lifestyle. To do so, we went on a tour over the island. Starting point was the Jozani Forrest and the herb farm. Here you could learn a lot about how the herbs are grown and of course also try many different ones. Afterwards we went to Stonetown, for a history lesson.

SansibarLenni-19 SansibarLenni-20

The next day some wind was forecasted again for the afternoon. To make the most out of the day, we went to the center of Jambiani in the morning. A local guide showed us around and explained how the people live in this total different world, which proofed one more time that most of our problems are very small luxurious problems. Big recommendation! Afterwards the wind was ready and the water waiting!
SansibarLenni-14 SansibarLenni-15

The last tour which I’d like to talk about is a true adventure! You start in the bay of Michmwe and go via SUP through the Mangrove Forrest. Small rivers, exotic animals and a quick yoga session. On top fresh fruits on a small island. WOW!

SansibarLenni-26 SansibarLenni-33


And so two weeks full of adventure have come to an end. There might be windier places on earth, but the beauty and variety of Zanzibar is unique! Also, the january is supposed to have more wind. Otherwise just grab some big kites (14+) and enjoy the perfect all-round package. A place for total relaxation. Hakuna Matata!
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