Zanzibar – Kitesurfing, surfing, relaxing and much more!

Get away from the hectic everyday life and right into a relaxed setting with turquoise waters, palm trees and white beaches – welcome to Zanzibar! After a long nonstop flight from Frankfurt we got to hang out by the beach first. For dinner we enjoyed an excellent seafood platter with fresh lobster and a lot of other treats at that place called “red monkey “.

1 - Relax 2 - essen

A jam session (every Monday) at the end of the day had us listening to good live music and got us in touch with an amazing crowd of all kinds of people.

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The next day started off very promising and was full of action. We got up very early in the morning and had a quick breakfast so that we had enough energy for a surf session and snorkel tour.

5.1 - tour1

We loaded two boats with surfboards and went straight into the water till we arrived a beautiful spot – perfect for beginners. Due to our experienced instructors, also advanced surfers had an awesome time!

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Right after that we sailed to a beautiful riff and explored all its life. Sea stars, sea horses and thousands of colorful fish seemed to enjoy the riff and the waters warm temperature.

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There was a shuttle right by a restaurant called “the rock” which was our transportation back to the hotel . So convenient!! You should have seen the idyllic restaurant though – on top of a rock in the middle of turquoise colored water .

12 -tour1 13 -tour1

The following day was supposed to be as good as day one , if not better. We had a chartered sailing boat which took us out to the south of Zanzibar. A second boat accompanied us so that we could have a little wakeboard session as well . Good times!

14 - tour2 15 - tour2

Then there was an incredible buffet on one of those little islands south of Zanzibar which was prepared by locals and again contained delicious seafood and Caribbean delicacies!

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On our way back to the shore we enjoyed cooled beer and a sunset view from or sailing boat . What else could you possibly want?!18 -tour2 19 -tour2

After those two days away from Jambiani it was about time to explore the city and our neighborhood . It felt right to just take a walk at the beach or have a guide show us the town. We got to see a kindergarten and an actual doctor or so called medicine man at work . Pretty impressive was the fact that the habitats were so welcoming and I did not feel threatened by anything at anytime.

20 - ecovillage tour

Luckily the beaches were free of mass tourism, only a few restaurants here invite people to sit down and enjoy local specialities pared with a breathtaking view.

21 - strand erkunden

At the kite worldwide station, which is directly located by the red monkey and coral rock , you can rent SUP’s to see the bay or just relax and tan.

22 - umgebung erkunden 23 - umgebung erkunden

Furthermore , there is more to do over here! Tropical rain forests with all its little inhabitants like monkeys will enrich your trip experience!

25 - insel erkunden

You really have to visit a spice farm, there I discovered after all these years of wrong thinking: cinnamon sticks do not grow on trees! The tour ist very informative and nice – worth it!

26 - insel erkunden 27 - Insel erkunden

Also Stonetown, the largest city on the island, is a great place to go. Tip: Try one oft the freshly pressed sugar cane juice with ginger and lemon at one of the street stands!


28 - Insel erkunden

After the day on shore, we decided to spend our last day back on water: we went throuh the beautiful, mysterious mangroves by SUPs. We had to paddle through extremely narrow and shallow rivers – all according to a strict schedule, because the upcoming tide would make further movement impossible. A nice Yogasession on SUP’s completed the all-round sports package. Who haven’t found his inner balance yet, got a refreshing dip from the cool waters. The tour was accompanied by a local guide who took us closer to the world of mangroves.

29 - SUP Tour


30 - SUP Tour Yoga 31 - SUP Tour Chill

The week kite lessons were rewarded in Zanzibar with a sense of achievement: I finally learned to ride! Wohoo! A really great spot for beginners: no waves, shallow water (at the right tide), fine sand as substrate and almost no other kiters. I do not want to conceal my acquaintance with a Bluebottle jellyfish – fortunately the burning pain just stays for a short moment and it was a unique experience – I probably just had bad luck.

32 - kite 33 - kite

Last but not least: The friendliness and openness of the people of Jambiani is the absolute highlight. The beach is open to everybody, so there are often local children playing on the beach or chatting with adults. Cultural exchange is very easy because everybody has a good knoweledge of English! So it is not uncommon to be surrounded by a curious crowd of children while doing a workout at the beach. Of course, they were allowed to try out the TRX and we all had a lot of fun!

34 - workout 35 - workout

After a workout, it is also nice to watch other people doing their workout. In the restaurant of Hotel Coral Rock you can watch close passing kiters and enjoy a good meal at the same time. Genius!

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