Kiteclub Seahorse Bay / Egypt: December News

Slowly but steady, it also gets colder here in Egypt. That’s why after kite sessions, you see more and more Ponchos walking around on the beach. Those are free and ready to use during your whole stay. If you also don’t wanna miss them at home, just catch one in our shop. Also our Sauna is frequently in use now. There is nothing better after a long session, than relaxing your muscles at 80 degrees. After the sauna a nice dinner on top and you are good to go for the upcoming day!


In the middle of November, we got company from Steffi, Nora and Esther out of the KiteWorldWide team in Hamburg. They joined us a couple of days and enjoyed some great kite sessions, dinners and evenings with the group.


So, if you’ve got any more questions, those three are the ones to talk to!