Lennart Schulenburg joins the KiteWorldWide Team

Lennart is living a life many of us can only dream of. Brazil, South Africa and Australia are the places he has been travelling to over the past year, from kitespot to kitespot. However, for Lennart his trips are not only about kitesurfing, he also attaches great importance to meeting new people and cultures.


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It is save to say that he falls from one new experience into the other. Mountain biking, SUP, surfing, free climbing and bungy jumping, these activities are just a selection of his adventures.

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During these adventures, his Rollei Action cam accompanies Lennart. His pictures he likes to support with his own texts.

We at KiteWorlWide could not have been more excited. At the World Cup in St. Peter Ording it became clear, we are a perfect match! From now on Lennart joins the KiteWorldWide Team and supports Mike Schitzhofer, Nils Wesch and Anne Valvatne on the water. This autum Lennart visited the KiteWorldWide Pousada in Tatajuba, Brazil. After he headed out fort wo kitesafaris, as a rider, photographer, coach and the relaxed guy he is.


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Copyright by Lukas



The journey will continue: From January on, you’ll meet Lennart at our KiteWoldWide Lodge in Kenia, where perfect glassy flatwater conditions await him and you. From there, he’ll hop over to Kitesurf-dream-island Zanzibar. That won’t be his last stop, at least until June he’ll be around in our KiteWorldWide destinations. We’ll keep you posted!
To follow Lennart and his adventures, check: www.kiteworldwide.com/lennart-schulenburg.