Dakhla: A usual day with sunrise wave surfing and sunset kitesurfing

Once again we have arrived in Dakhla. Undescribable is actually the only suitable word for this place. But you know us, we will give it a try.

Yesterday evening we arrived in Dakhla, via the comfortable Gran Canaria flight. Hamza, the manager of the  in February 2014 opened KiteWorldWide Villa Camp, told us the same evening about a legendary surf spot only half an hour away. Since we just rediscovered our passion for waves without wind, we agreed to leave the next morning early enough to surf the first waves with the sun dawn. Which meant: packing at 6:15 and leaving at 6:30.
sunrise surf1sunrise surf2dakhla16dakhla15dakhla17

We certainly were pleasantly surprised by the surf spot. A 3 – 5  foot point break. Perfectly suitable for surf beginners – which we all are somehow. After three hours we had enough and drove back to the Villa Camp for a proper breakfast.



dakhla11  dakhla1dakhla12

After it was time for a little nap, answering e-mails, checking Facebook (yes, there is wifi in the desert) and lunch.

The afternoon wind forecast looked pretty promising, especially for a November day. Not that we expected anything else from one of the windiest countries on the kite surf world map. As our spot we chose the white dune, only the ride through the desert is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. A massive white dune in the middle of the desert, which is surrounded by water at high tides. The wind was already on. 8.5m kites for beginners and 10m for intermediates. Until sunset we enjoyed a legendary flat water session surrounded by an amazing landscape.



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After a great afternoon we returned to the Villa Camp in order to enjoy a relaxed evening which included delicious food, a couple of beers, guitar play and bongos. What more could you ask for? Around 11:00 pm we headed to bed, since the alarm was set at 6:00 a.m for the next surf session.

A little bonus feature: The food in the KiteWorldWide Villa Camp is amazing. Just the right amount of carbs, you’ll need for those long and sportive days: crepes in the morning, Nutella, fresh pita, scrambled eggs and marmalade. Delicious! In the afternoon something warm will be served. Fresh fish, meat from the Tajine and more. In the evening, a three course dinner a la excellence will await you. And when you are lucky  (and the fish market supports it), Hamza will serve a seafood plate on top.

dakhla1-1 dakhla2 Kopie

The KiteWorldWide villa camp exists out of six spacious bungalows with view over the lagoon. A 180° panorama view restaurant. And of course a fully VDWS certified KiteWorldWide kite school with licensed instructors and brand new equipment from Best Kiteboarding.

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