The journey to the land of the hobbits – Montenegro

As some of you might have already noticed the entire KiteWorldWide team is currently on their way to Montenegro. Here we are going to work, write our blog and update our Facebook page as well as help to prepare the KiteWorldWide Guest House for the season.

Of course we want you to stay updated and that’s why we are going to post some exclusive insights behind the scenes of KiteWorldWide.

Let’s start at the beginning:

The journey starts at the airport of Frankfurt flying directly with Montenegro Airlines to Podgorica. The board bags are checked in by a very friendly Montenegrin for only 20 € one way (low season prices for Frankfurt). After around 2 hours you can see Montenegro beneath you and a beautiful view on a large idyllic lake, vast nature areas and a breathtaking mountain scenery – welcome to the new land of the hobbits.

After touch-down I met Anne (Sales Manager and Team Rider of KiteWorldWide) who just arrived with the plane from Vienna. The rental car was organized quickly and the nice man behind the AVIS counter gave us a map with the explanation: “just drive straight along the coast…” Well, our orientation was not the best, but you could have managed to reach Ulcinj and our KiteWorldWide House in Doni Stoj after 1,5 hours.

The team of our KiteWorldWide Best Pro Center welcomed us with open arms and excitement.