KiteWorldWide Photo Contest Ranking 11-20

First of all, we like to thank those who participated in the photo contest by sharing their awesome kite pictures, liking them and commenting on them. It was an absolute pleasure to take a peak into all these exciting kite adventures and also to see how many of the others in the kite community liked them.

Sorry, it took us so long, but we had to go through all the 306 pictures manually…

Finally, we are proudly presenting the pictures ranked 11-20 voted by you!

The top ten ranking will follow later on this week. Our wonderful Jury, starring Anne Valvatne-Kiteboarding, Mike Schitzhofer and the KiteWorldWide office will choose the lucky winners for the price from your Top 20 selection.

Last but not least, we will announce the winner next week (as some of us are in Tarifa at the moment). The winner (who ever it might be) can put a big smile on his/her face, because they can pack their suitcases and take off. Your destination will be a kite holiday in stunning Montenegro, where you will find outstanding conditions to kite and relax. Maybe, you even will be able to take the next winning photo there…;-)


Soon, we will have another competition and we try to make it easier to participate and to be faster in selecting the top ranked pictures. So for those of you, who didn’t make it into the top 20, don’t be said, there will be another chance… Just stay tuned!