Michi Schitzhofers column: News from the PKRA Worldcup in Panama

Thanks to KiteWorldWide I will write a column about the life of a professional kitesurf athlete from now on. I will report about the events I participate in and my trips around the world. I will try to keep you guys as up to date as possible about what’s happening in the Pkra and around it.

My first column is about the first tourstop of the 2014 Pkra season, which will be held in Panama over the next week. It’s the first time that the worldcup is having a competition here so nobody knows what to expect.

The event location is at the famous Nitro City Hotel, which you may know out of the famous TV show Nitro circus with extreme sport athlete Travis Pastrana and his friends. The hotel has an amazing set-up for sport enthusiasts with its offers reaching from kitesurfing, wakeboarding motorcross riding, quad riding, sky diving, tube riding and many more sports you can perform or try out.

The kite spot is just in front of the hotel and looks quite nice with side-onshore wind, small chop and warm water. Although I heard some not so nice stuff about it as well, as there are some jellyfish in the water and stingrays in the sand under the water. I think you really don’t want to get in contact with them!

As said the event will start next week and it looks like there will be lots of riders from all over the world attending it. The regular Pkra riders will be joined by new riders such as numerous Brazilian athletes and riders from the Dominican Republic, because the journey to this spot is easy and cheap for them. The winner of the last Pkra event in the past season, Carlos Mario will come as well and everybody is curios if he can win again after winning the first worldcup event he ever attended in Argentina.

One disappointment is, that the very promising rider Liam Whaly, last years number 4 in the ranking, had to cancel his trip to Panama due to a rip injury he just suffered. Also my Best team mate Youri Zoon will not compete here due to his injury last year. He wants to train and will enter this year’s tour at the next stop in Dakhla.

So far so good for my first column. I will keep you up to date as more and more riders will arrive and more news come in.