Michi Schitzhofer’s Kolumne: PKRA Panama Kite & Wake

After finishing the freestyle main event on the third day and two days of competition left there was enough time to create and run a second discipline.

With the unique set up of having an own little cable park with a 2.0 system in the backyard here at Nitro City, the second discipline was a combined best trick event of kitesurfing and wakeboarding. All the registered riders could go for the kiteing part of this event and after running the heats the top eight men and the top four women were allowed to go for the cable session.

The scoring system worked as following: A kite heat was 7 minutes and the riders could do as many tricks as they like but only the best scoring trick on a scale from 0 to 10 counted. On the cable it was a heat of 3 laps in which you had to hit a kicker and a rail. The riders got scored on both obstacles and the combined score from that was the result for the cable. The final score was put together by summing up the kite and the wake score.

In the kite event we could see some very impressive tricks especially from the riders from Brazil and from the Dominican Republic. Hilario Robinson could land a 319, Alberto Cruz landed a one-handed kiteloop 7 and and Mario Carlos scored the highest score with a huge Blind Judge 7. 5 out the 8 top men were from either the D.R. or Brazil. Aaron Hadlow, Christophe Tack and myself also made it to the top eight and therefore to the cable part.

Screenshot 2014-02-24 10.50.02

Also the women went to land their most difficult tricks. The top four ladies were Annelous Lammerts with a Hinterberger Mobe, Annabel Van Westerop with a S-Bend pass, Helena Brochocka also with a S-Bend pass and the best trick was landed by Karolina Winkowska with a S-Mobe.

On the cable the ranking got mixed up due to the different skills at the cable riding. It looked like the Brazilians and the Dominicans don’t train on the cable so they couldn’t score as high as at the kite part. The most impressive riders on the cable have been Christophe and Aaron who both train on the cable as well. Both landed double passes over the kicker and also showed great tricks over the slider. After adding the kiteboarding and the wakeboarding result the winner was Christophe Tack with Aaron coming second, Mario Carlos third and I could take the fourth place.

Screenshot 2014-02-24 10.39.41


Just like the men the women had to show what they got on the 2.0 system. Also on this part Karolina rode in a whole different league than the other girls with scoring twice as much points as the other girls. This fact made here not only the winner of the freestyle competition but also of best trick event. The second place went to Helena and Annabel could take the third.


That’s it for the first Pkra event in this season. Now it is time for everybody to fly home and to get prepared for the next tour stop which will be held Dakhla/Morocco from the 18th of March till the 23rd of March.

I will be there and keep you updated. I’m really looking forward to stay at the brandnew KiteWorldWide Villa Camp from March 14 to 24.

dakhla 800x600-29




Here are the pictures of the winners in the kite & wake discipline: