The international kiters at the Beetle Kitesurf World Cup in St.Peter Ording

Name: Alex Pastor

Date of birth: 19.11.1989

Nation: Spain

World Tour 2010: 2nd Place Freestyle

The Spaniard is defending champion at St. Peter-Ording, defeated just in 2010 in a great finale at the PKRA World Champion to Andy Yates, who can not compete this year due to violation of reasons.

Name: Youri Zoon

Date of birth: 14.12.1989

Nation: Netherlands

World Tour 2010: 3rd Place Freestyle

Youri is the title contenders this year. The Netherlands are leading the PKRA rankings and want to win in St. Peter-Ording as their second time since 2006, but the the competition is very strong.

Name: Kevin Langeree

Date of birth: 21.07.1988

Nation: Netherlands

World Tour 2010: 4th Place Freestyle

Kevin is making a comeback this year at the Beetle Kitesurf World Cup. The three-time freestyle champion from St. Peter-Ording, tore the ACL in August 2010. After a year break, he takes on Ording beach to get back into the international competition scene.

Name: Julien Kerneur

Date of birth: 01.11.1991

Nation: France

World Tour 2010: 1st Place Course Racing

The Frenchman from Brittany is known for his consistently good performances. Without winning once, he won the title last year at the PKRA. His best finish has been second place in St. Peter-Ording.

Name: Olivier Dansin

Date of birth: 30.10.1990

Nation: France

World Tour 2010: 2nd Place Course Racing

Olivier, who enjoys listening to the Rolling Stones, Jamiroquai,  and loves long road trips in wild, unexplored areas. The Frenchman came finished in the top six over the past year and hopes to move to the front this year.

Name: Bruno Sroka

Date of birth: 09.06.1976

Nation: France

World Tour 2010: 3rd PlaceCourse Racing

The sport instructor dominated the racing scene in the past. Last year, Bruno wanted to land after winning two PKRA world titles in a row. But despite two singles victories, he had his compatriot Julien Kerneur to defer.

Name: Gisela Pulido

Date of birth: 14.01.1994

Nation: Spain

World Tour 2010: 1st Place Freestyle

Gisela is the measure of all things in the freestyle. In the last four years, she ended the first World Tour three times, also won twice on Ording beach. She is now represented in the Guinness book because at the age of ten years, she is the youngest world champion ever. This year she trained for 2.5 months in the KiteWorldWide Lodge in Kenya.

Name: Bruna Kajiya

Date of birth: 25.02.1987

Nation: Brazil

World Tour 2010: 2nd PlaceFreestyle

Bruna will be repeating this year, having the 2009 world title and having three victories at St. Peter-Ording. But despite all the ambition of the granola and yogurt lover of fun with her”versatile sport” in the first place.

Name: Karolina Winkowska

Date of birth: 13.10.1990

Nation: Poland

World Tour 2010: 3rd Place Freestyle

Karolina just can not pass Gisela and Bruna. Since 2007, the four-time Polish Champion finished third during the regular season in the PKRA rankings. However, she cannot get discouraged, Carolina cannot  live without the “sea wind and waves”.

Name: Caroline Adrien

Date of birth: 23.12.1987

Nation: France

World Tour 2010: 1st Place Course Racing

Caroline, at home in the French Brest, won her first PKRA title in 2010 after a strong season. In St. Peter-Ording, she proved herself with a second place in racing and ninth in the freestyle versatility.

Name: Kari Schibevaag

Date of birth: 25.10.1978

Nation: Norway

World Tour 2010: 2nd Place Course Racing

The Norwegian is not only talented in the water but also in the snow and has already collected many Snow kiting titles. Kari lives in Stavanger, working at kite camps to inspire young riders.

Name: Steph Bridge

Date of birth: 14.07.1972

Nation: Great Britain

World Tour 2010: 4th Place Course Racing

Steph is not only a three times PKRA title holder, but also a mother of three. She began as a British sailor, and was British champion. Nowaddicted to kiting, she will be at the front at this year’s  Kitesurf World Cup Beetle.

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