Test / Field Report F-One Volt 2011

F-one Volt Introduction

Fom Philipp Mohr / KiteWorldWide Instructor Seahorse Bay & Kenya

I had the opportunity to test out the new F-one Volt in size 11x9m² at our new KiteWorldWide station in Seahorse Bay in Egypt (between El Gouna and Hurghada).

The Volt is the new Revolt of this year in the F-on Kite parallette playing the role of the small brother of the prestigous Bandit 4. Throughout the last few years, the Revolt has been a less expensive alternative for beginners and used in schools, which the Volt 2011 has now clearly taken that place but is not only for beginners, but also for Freeriders and Waveriders.


The Volt is on the market for about 250 Euros less than the Bandit4 Der Volt kommt für  rund 250,- Euro günstiger auf den Markt als der Bandit4, which has saved- what is not to say -the F-one during the processing of the kite. It has the same material and reinforcements! The kite has a very classy look. The Volt has finally come out this year with a one pump system, which ultimately speeds up the construction process. The adjuster is a pull-pull webbing system which in comparison to the Clamcleat Adjusters Bandit4 is marginally less accurate.


The 3 strut design allows the kite to be stable in low wind thus enhancing its performance and giving the Volt a light barge feel and agile maneuveravility! The pressure point is easy to fine after a little getting used to. The Volt has two attachment points for the steering lines whichare linked to the linkes on the inner point of the steering and the holding force increases as the kite turns at a large radii. This makes sense especially for beginners who use small sizes such as 7 and 9m².


In the lower wind range, the Volt is slightly superiod to its big brother. It starts a little earlier and has a steady buildup of pressure allowing the kite to fly up fast. In the upper wind range the depower effect works effectively! It is however recommended taht the adjuster of the Volt has long arms in order to adjust the pressure points in respect to the wind range.


I was very surprised by the jump behavior of the kite! It is really very simple to find the correct timing of the jump and even beginner kiters on spot had their first flights down fast! By its very unpredictable and not brute force to build up, the Volt motivated me to try even higher levels than I would normally do-I recommend it for all loop levels. Although it unhooked in a rather bad figure, the feeling of the barge in comparison to the Bandit4 is great for Freestyler/Wakestylers and much better than C oriented Bandits!


If one of the profiles of the Volt is compared with the Bandit4, one can easily note a more pronounced delta form giving it a positive relaunch! Simply push the bar forward and the kite moves automatically to the wind window edge and will relaunch the Volt fully! In lower wind a little help is needed. If you drop your kite into deep water, the kite turns into the pole position!

The Volt is extremely easy to handle and has stable flight characteristics making it the perfect companion for any beginner, intermediate freerider. But also furthermore a less expensive alternative to the Bandit4 for all wave enthusiasts looking for an easy-start and close rotating kite for waves.

Volt Sizes


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