Sunset Kiting Session in Kenya

Today was another one of those days where everything just works out perfectly. Great wind from the morning to late in the evening, running water in the late afternoon and, therefore, the best shallow water conditions.
I was out flipping for 2 hours and then Flip came out as well. Since the day was coming to an end, I put down my kite and grabbed my camera. I ran out and went to a sand bank to get a couple pictures with the sun to my back. I turned around and saw this unbelievable panorama of palm trees, mangroves, baobabs, the KiteWorldWide Lodge, and the setting sun. Sweet.
Luckily Flip found a spot where he could jump after just a few runs at it – just what every photographer wants. So, I even got a few awesome shots with jumps “into the sun”.

Rider: Philip Mohr, Photos: Jürgen Sievers, Location: KiteWorldWide Lodge Kenya

[nggallery id=sunset-session-kenya]

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