Side events at the Beetle Kitesurf World Cup

This year had a lot to offer.

Surf stimulator

Those who have never been on a board can still do so on a surf stimulator and test out the kind of feeling. If you cannot keep up, you will land on soft mats and be able to get right back on.


The skateboards who are interested in high jumps and the halfpipe should try this 7.2m wider and 11m long mini ramp out. Of course there is also a half-pip here for testing.

Test center and manufacturer trade

The Kitelife Village presents the latest material of all the major manufacturers, team riders, designers and shapers are available for your questions. The Kitelife Village is also the largest test center of the world. With personal ID, you can test out any of the equipment on the Ording beach.

The BMX biker

Also showing on the beach this year are BMX riders. Their shows have been visiting the Beetle Kitesurf World Cup in St. Peter Ording for years.

Kite school

For those who have not yet kite surfed, you now have the opportunity here to experience it for your first time. The X-H2O Kitesurf School offers introductory courses to learn how to glide across the water. This of course takes place under expert guidance.

SUP center

Stand-Up-Paddling (SUP) is also becoming increasingly popular. At the SUP center, visitors can learn all about the fun sport. Of course you can also start by taking the board and paddle in the North Sea and have your first attempts at SUP.

Live Performances at Beetle Kitesurf World Cup

Top DJs at Ording beach

Once the kitesurfers pack up their gear, they will be celebrating until dawn at the N-JOY Party with music by DJs Chris, Hajo & Marc.


On Friday, the Beetle Kitesurf World Cup will open with the band “Luxuslärm.” Starting at 8pm, the band is presented at Ording beach and ended up selling over 100,000 CDs and had a guest appearance from singer Janine “Jini” Mayer truly made the experience worthwhile.


Since last year, the enthusiastic “Jamram” visitors came to the Ording beach bringing lush reggae, hip-hop and dance beats, sounds of latin, afro beats and pop songs. On Saturday, starting at 8pm, the guys with eclectic styles of music and style played on the first day of competition at the Beetle Kitesurf World Cup.

Soul surfer Prince Alec

On Wednesday August 24 at 8pm, Prince Alec brought the perfect blend of classic and modern lounge music. His stage name refers to his former-self Alexander Wilken- windsurfing pro-who was born and raised in St. Peter Ording.  After his career on the water, the multi-instrumentalist performed at numerous gigs as Prince Alec and looks forward to playing at his hometown at Ording beach.

The Disco Boys

On Friday August 26th, the N-JOY party presented The Disco Boys at 10pm. This was an essential part of the European club scene and had several singles and remixes in the music world. Their worldwide hit “For You” was listed on the official dance charts as number one for six weeks and even went platinum. The Disco Boys are not just DJs, but entertainers that power-up the audience.

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