Sansibar Kitesurf & Beach Sport Festival Jambiani

Jambiani Vunja Jungu Beach Festival

Wann: 30 & 31. Juli

Wo: Mfumbwi Beach, am Strand der Red Monkey Lodge in Jambiani / Sansibar

Was? Sansibar’s erstes Strand und Wassersport Festival mit Live Music, DJs, Kitesurf, Dhow Rennen, Kayak Rennen, Beach Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Tauziehen, Strand-Paintball, Ziegenrennen und viel mehr!

The festival will consist of a series of fun competitive beach and water sports that will encourage participation and interaction between locals, expats and visitors to the island. It will be a free and open event to attend and there will also be a celebration of music and culture on Saturday evening (30 July), when a number of exciting live music acts and DJs will perform.

On the beach, visitors will also be able to enjoy an African craft market and there will beach BBQs and food and drink stalls. This will also be the official Vunja Jungu (last party before Ramadan) on the south-east coast.

Live acts and DJs will be announced as they are confirmed over the next three weeks.

Mehr Info zu Kitereisen nach Sansibar findet ihr hier!

The individual events will include traditional as well as modern activities, and we welcome anyone wishing to participate in any of the following events:

Watersports events:

Dhow racingDhow Racing: A sailing race of traditional ngalawas and dhows over a 10km return route (up & down wind)
KitesurfingKitesurfing:  Comprising free-style & downwinder events
KayakKayak Racing: Two-person kayak racing along the Jambiani channel

Beach sports:

Beach footballBeach Soccer/Football: A five-a-side knockout championship for players of all ages
Beach rugbyTouch Rugby: A five-a-side knockout championship for players of all ages
Beach volleyballBeach Volleyball: A five-a-side knockout championship for players of all ages
Beach tug of warTug of War: A five-a-side knockout championship for players of all ages

Unique beach events:

Beach paintball fightBeach Paintball Fight: Contests line up in two armies on opposite sides of the beach and try and hit the opposition with dye-filled balloons. Contestants are eliminated if they get hit by a balloon. The last contestant standing will win this event, along with second and third place finishers.
Fish fightFish Fight: A one on one battle between two contestants standing on raised platforms and wearing protective gear. Each contestant will choose one of the fish provided by the organiser and use this fish to knock the other off the podium over several bouts. Last contestant standing will win this event along with second and third place finishers.
Goat raceGoat Racing: Contestants will race their goats along a five-lane race track along the beach. First, second and third place winners will be decided over several heats. There will also be a prize for most well-decorated goat (goat beauty contest).
Masai high jumpMasai High Jump: Open to anyone, whether Masai or not. Contestants will need to dress in traditional Masai clothing and jump as high as possible and jump in rhythm to Masai chanting. The highest 3 jumpers in the right rhythm will win first, second and third prize respectively.
Photo competitionThere will also be a Photographic Competition. This will allow contestants to capture all events and festival activities as well as live acts. Contestants will submit their five favourite images to be judged by East Africa’s most celebrated photographer, Javed Jafferji, at the closing ceremony & cocktail party on the final evening.
Cocktail competitionOther events and competitions happening within Coral Rock and Red Monkey Hotel close to the festival include the search for Zanzibar’s best barman. In this competition barmen (or women) from all over Zanzibar will exhibit their cocktail making skills in order to win the coveted main prize and accolade of best barman on the island.
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