Important rules for the Beetle Kitesurf World Cup St. Peter Ording

Even the professional riders of the world must abide by certain rules when on the water. In the so-called rule book of PKRA list rules which the riders must follow at a World Cup.

Security and Fair Play
With high speeds and spectacular actions, the kite surfers must keep in mind safety and fair play. Whoever chooses to ride against the safety system in the competition will be automatically disqualified. Priority is clearly defined on the water: whoever is located on the downwind has the lead. It is forbidden to cross the course of another or block another. Depending on the seriousness of the offense, the rider in the wrong is faced with a warning or disqualification.

Help with sound judgment
When a rider crashed in the water, they have the chance to get back into the contest with the help of a boat of jet-ski. Exceptions include: when a kite lands outside the contest area in the water or on the beach, when there is damage to gear the kiter must replace his equipment outside of the competition zone, when a freestyler is driven out of the contest area by the wind he/she can kite back to the beach, walk to the contest area, and resume performance, and the assets must be used during the race without outside help, either by radio communication or by the show of hands.

Number of participants and evaluation
During freestyle competitions, there are always two kiters who go against each other and there can be up to four riders per heat (5-10 minutes in length) in the water. The judges grade the performance and the kiters with the most points move onto the next round. Each kiter can look over the heat’s assessment. Beginning the competition with a running start in the water, there are usually 60-100 participants in the entire field and the race director may divide the racers into two groups. With 100 participants, the race director needs to divide the racers in order to prevent any collisions from occurring. Referred to the low point system, the winner of a race will receive 0.7 (the runners receive points according to their rank). After a maximum of 16 races at a World Cup, the rider with the fewest points wins.

Good behavior is required
If a participant is abusive to fellow competitors, judges, or spectators during the competition, the participant will receive a penalty. This also goes for those who make obscene gestures with the hand, body, or even equipment. Threats will also lead with an expulsion from the World Tour. The PKRA holds strong value for sportsmanship amongst the participants, as well as with the spectators and officials. Just as the visitors in St. Peter Ording have come to know for years.

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