F-One Bandit IV Kite Test / Field report

<strong>From Philipp Mohr / KiteWorldWide Instructor <a title=”Kitereisen Ägypten Seahorse Bay” href=”https://www.kiteworldwide.com/de/kitereisen/seahorse-bay-agypten/” target=”_blank”>Seahorse Bay</a> &amp; <a title=”KiteWorldWide Lodge Kenia” href=”https://www.kiteworldwide.com/de/kitereisen/kenia-private-island/” target=”_blank”>Kenia </a></strong>

<strong></strong><strong>Bandit4 Introduction</strong>

Flown sizes 12,10,8m²

<strong>First Impression

he F-one was brought onto the market in 2008 with the Bandit with the first delta concept! The other flight characteristcs include good light wind ability, high jump performance, easy water relaunch, good safety, effective depower and good controllability in de-powering state which has made the delta concept one of the most popular kite-concepts. The French did everything on this and copyrighted their previous kite model. Bandit has made the All-In-One kite which is suitable for any beginner to expert, success has proved this right!

During the last Bandit model Bandit Dos and Bandit 3, came a different form. This year the Bandit 4 came out with some obvious upgrades. The Bandit 4 is now a 3-strut kite and  the most striking of all the changes would be the square tips!

I had thought this was a marketing attempt to be a wanna-be-delta-c-kite. I soon was impressed that it was a true C kite!

<strong></strong><strong>Feel/Comfort </strong><strong></strong>

However, I was surprised by the Bandit 4 after the first few meters, with a very direct barge feel and a well-defined pressure point, which is due to the square tips.

The most positive change of the Bandit 3 is the much more agile performance and a slight rotation of controlling pressure build-up! Not to go without being said, the Bandit 3 abruptly unfolds its whole force a lot softer and is more predictable with its force structure. From these innovations, we look forward to the new school group: the kite constantly unhooks even more pressure! <strong></strong><strong></strong>

<strong>Jumps with the F-One Bandit 4</strong>

The jumping behavior is a real pleasure, whether loaded or with kite support, the Bandit provides a nice pop and remarkable hang time! The improved feedback is reinsuring!

<strong>Application</strong><strong>/ Kite Size Choice</strong>

But of course, with all these positive changes there is also a little bad news. Due to the very similar C deep curvature of the profile of the Bandit 4, it loses surface area. So in comparison to its predecessor, it flies a little later and requires an active sinus to put it to drive! For all the Bandit 3 drivers, I recommend choosing the size which is 1m² more allowing faster rotational behaviors of the offset!

<strong>Relaunch </strong>

The C genes also the result of the shape of the delta and has been reduced somewhat calling for a litte more effort when relaunching! For experienced riders, this is no problem, but newcomers will have to swim with the low end of the Bandit4 often to get into the starting position.

<strong>Recommendation</strong><strong>/ Conclusion

The Bandit 4 has received a clear sport orientation, and this year will be addressed by all the advanced riders. Only Free-Wakestylers should consider the Bandit 4 as a real alternative to the C kite. For beginners, I recommend the Volt is due to its relaunch and highly graded features.

Try the Bandit 4 out for yourself at the <a href=”https://www.kiteworldwide.com/destinations-tours/zanzibar-kenya-kitecruise”>KiteWorldWide Lodge Kenya</a> and test whether its like the F-One Volt!

F-One Bandit 4 Sizes


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