THERESE TAABBEL, The surprising powergirl from Denmark

When i first saw Therese, I was really amazed by how thin she is, and thought to myself “this girl is gonna fly away at 25 knots “. Well, she proved me sooo wrong. Therese was the biggest surprise of the Beetle Kitesurf Worldcup in St. Peter Ording, with her 15 years she rocked it on the water, winning heat after heat and ending up on a sovereign 6th place after Hannah Whiteley

Daddy holding Therese in 40knots +

Always accompanied by her dad and sister, I had a great deal of nice chats with this good-natured Danish family, and will definitely go up to Aarhus to visit them and rock the water together with Therese. Oh, and by the way, Therese started kitesurfing at the age of 11, and her dad had to connect her to a safety leash on the water so she wouldn’t fly away. That’s tandem kitesurfing in the Danish way! Lately I got to do a nice interview with Therese, have a look and get astonished by this young girl’s maturity:

KiteWorldWide girls

1. Where did you learn to kitesurf, and did you do a course?

It all began with my dad learning how to kitesurf and from the very beginning he new that this is a sport for me. Slowly he started to teach me and it didn’t take long before I was on the board. I’m so thankful for this! I loved the sport from day one and I love the way this sport always gives new experiences and brings new facets into my life. I am quite an action girl, I think.

Therese and her dad

2. Where have you been around the world to kitesurf?

I’ve come around quite a bit after learning to kitesurf; Egypt, Italy, Greece (Paros, Naxos, Mykonos and Rhodes), Fuerteventura and Germany to mention some. I am lucky to live in Denmark, with some of the best spots around. I love to travel and see new places around the world.

Kitesurfing in Greece

3. Which one would be your dream destination?

Uhhh, that’s a hard one! Hahaha. But I have to admit I’m dreaming of kitesurfing in the Caribbean. Turquoise blue waters and a fascinating culture is absolutely worth a visit, just you wait;) But, going to Brazil as well would amaze me, because I’ve heard so many stories about all the perfect spots and conditions.


4. Who are your idols on the water?

One of them is clearly Dre (Andre Phillip). He has the sickest style and a great personality. Gisela Pulido has inspired me for mayns years, she always gives it all on the water.

5.Biniki or Boardshorts?

Boardshort on the water, bikini on the beach.


6. Boots or straps?

It just looks crazy good with boots, if you know how to ride them. But, I have to admit that I do prefer straps.


7. Flat water or wave?

Flat water!! I love the feeling it gives you the first meters cruising the flat water. It’s just wicked!


8. Zoon or Pastor?

Zoon, he’s got the style, he’s got the power, he’s got the personality.


9. What are your plans for the future – studies and dreams?

I have many dreams, plans and ambitions for the future, but most important for me is to have fun. I always have fun on the water, even though I know it takes a lot of training, if you want to fight in the top. Work hard, ride harder! I am lucky to have so many nice supporting people around me, especially my parents. Cabrinha also takes good care of me, and gives me everything I need. Im so happy for this!

In August I’ll start secondary school and still have three more years left. Next year I want to compete more on an international level, amongst other in the Kitetour Europe and PKRA. The PKRA in Germany was an amazing inspiring experience. I love trying out new things so PKRA was just the right thing for me. The national competitions here in Denmark are also great fun and good practicing for me. I always look forward to everything this sport is bringing, travelling, competition and even the waiting in between. I love every day and every session on the water.

Always happy!

In the end it’s all about having a good time and do what you enjoy to do. I believe you can reach anything, if you just believe in it!



Thank you Therese for your great words,


See you in Aarhus!


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