The Seahorse Bay has a new kite instructor “Tino”

Since this winter season Ibi & friends Kiteclub hired the 36 year old VDWS licensed ktie instructor Tino Winkler. [singlepic id=973w=300 h=200 float=left]

Tino is a trained mechanical engineer who loves good music and its’ “realistic” playback and also plays sometimes the drums.

Tino came to the kite like a “mother to her child.” Through skateboarding, longboarding, and several years of building kites it and construction of steers, it was he in 2008 with the cunning Dranske on the Baltic. Since then, he loves this sport, old school tricks with a lot of hangtime and elegantly executed.

As a kite instructor he loves the lifestyle as well as engaging with his students lives for the experiences which he can put a smile on their face after they ride their first meter.

As an amateur photographer, he will with our Kiteclubteam take pictures of our guests and our team. [singlepic id=974w=300 h=200 float=right]

Visit our Kite Club in Seahorse Bay and check out Tino’s kiting capabilites.

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