The Beetle Kitesurf World Cup in St. Peter Ording is sustainable

For the past five years the Beetle Kitesurf World Cup has attracted nearly half a million visitors to the Ording beach. With the high number of people, it is important for the organizers that the water sport highlight is in harmony with nature and that the two mile sandy beach is protected.

Thus, there are 50 trash bins all over the event area. The Tourism Office in St. Peter Ording is even a beach cleaning machine; the sand is sifted through to a depth of 15 centimeter and purified. It is set for the reason and environmental awareness of the kitesurfing fans. 

Energy with Kitepower

Kitesurfing is a sport of nature. The kiter can kite over seas or lakes, the fuel it needs is wind. Engineers from the Netherlands want to use this concept to run altitude plants. Kite power is the principle of the prototype, which is more efficient than turbines and would work like a yo-yo. On a long rope, the kite rises into the air and would make a figure eight in the air. These are called cross-wind maneuvers, and are used by kitesurfers to generate high pulling power. The cable is in ascension through the air movement and is always getting shorter and being pulled back. This rotation drives the winding and unwinding of the rope to a generator. It produces electricity that is then stored in a battery. If the rope is unwound completely, the first angle is changed so that the tensile force is reduced again, also known as the Depower phase.

The testing facility is near the Amsterdam airport where the kite is rose up to 300 feet-at some locations the kite can be up to one kilometer in the air. At his altitude, the winds are constant and thus the power is generated more efficiently. Reasearchers from the Netherlands will assume that a kilowatt of electricity can be produced in an hour for one to four cents. In comparison, the const of conventional wind power plants cost an average of 4.6 cents an hour per kilowatt.

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