SUP Equipment

SUP boards are usually between 3 and 5.2 meters long and 65 to 80cm wide. Depending on the application, the board can be purchased with a larger or smaller volume. The larger volume of the board, the more stable it is.
Distinction is made between the different kinds of shapes. There are those that resemble surf longboards but have the hull of a kayak.

The smaller the board, the more maneuverable it is. The maneuvers can be performed faster. The SUP boards with a small volume are more likely to have a very good shaft.[singlepic id=931w=300 h=200 float=right]

For recreational paddlers, who prefer nice, relaxed and expansive excursions should definitely get a board with a large volume. There are now being made room for a possibility to have two people on the board at the same time. This could be very interesting for families who wish to make beautiful leisure trips.
Some SUP boards can be ordered as desired. For surfers, this is of course a great thing because the board can then also be ridden with a sail in light winds.

Recommendation of a board is not always the best, since the range of adaptation must match.
The paddle should be 20-30cm longer than ist user to allow long, powerful paddle strokes. This will allow a relatively high final velocity.

Most of the SUP paddles are made from fiberglass, wood, carbon or aluminum. Some of them also have adjustable lengths, which is a very practical thing. In general, the paddle blade is bent approximately 10 degrees from the shaft. The surface of the blade is smooth and flat with a concave shape.

The shorter the shaft, the easier it is to make quick, short sprints. On top of this, the driver has a higher paddling frequency.[singlepic id=934w=300 h=200 float=left]

A longer shaft allows longer, powerful and very intense paddle stroke. This is perfect for touring or also for a workout.

Thus, a height-adjustable paddle is a great solution because you can adapt it to how you want to apply it.

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