Strandloper Cape Town – A restaurant of the special kind

BBQ of the special art at Strandloper
The “Strandloper”, a Native tribe of Cape Town, is the perfect name for this particular restaurant on the long ranging beach in South Africa, about 125 kilometers from Cape Town. At first glance, a trip from the KiteWorldWide Mansion in Cape Town seems a little far for dinner, but do not worry it’s worth it!
Following the motto “attention to detail” here the local chefs do a ten-course meal with a twist: homemade bread, fresh caught fish, African jam … And in an abundant amount. Here you will be sure to have a good time.

Exceptionally passionate
In all simplicity, the local chefs conjure the true delicacies from their plain pots to their impressively creative wood-fired grills and tons that have been cooked in furnaces. Mussels, homemade bread, fish until you can drop … the taste is definitely only once busy! And to top it off, the ten courses take place while overlooking a stunning lagoon..

Not just food, but also kiting
Good thing there is the opportunity to do sports. The lagoon is not only the perfect setting for a wonderful dinner in the open air, but also the ideal spot for kiting. And really, what could be better than a cold beer and delicious all-you-can-eat meal after a windy kite surfing session?


The ambiance::Das Ambiente: stylish, rustic and charming
The “establishment” in the open-air restaurant is charming and rather rustic. Everything revolves around the theme of water – it’s all about the sea. Sun decorate buoys, fishing nets, and shells. Cutlery and usual table manners are overrated, here it’s all about paper plates and eaten mostly with hands. A mussel is incidentally also a popular dining tool. And for the soul there is local guitar music throughout the evening.  With the sun setting, you can enjoy it with a cup of Moerkoffie (traditional African coffee) in your hands …. Marvelous!

More Information about Strandloper
Dinner at Strandloper begins at 18:00. Whomever is feeling hungry during the afternoon can also go for lunch. For more information on which days of the season the Strandloper is open, follow this link: Be sure to make reservations for larger groups! The cost? R205 (about 20 euros). Another tip for the bargain hunters among us: even if the beach bar is excellent, you can even bring your own drinks.


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