Stand-Up-Paddling first step

With SUP, make sure to stand straight on the board and control the speed and direction with the paddle. This new trendy sport works on the legs, arms and the chest area, making this a perfect over-all body sport.

To know the exact process on the water, you should first go through the whole country once. The first attempt should take place in calm water. Making your first attempts on water without a strong current can be beneficial when learning. [singlepic id=934w=300 h=200 float=right]

Balance is an extremely important role in this sport. To get a feel for it you should first kneel down on a long surfboard. You will notice from this that there is a bit of a wobbly affect. Nevertheless, the next step should be gradually standing up. Your feet, unlike windsurfing, are parallel to your shoulders and adjacent to each other. Although it seems very shaky, the board has a high level of stability and balance can be further enhanced by the paddle. Falling into the water should not be discouraged. After all, it is not a matter of falling out of the sky.

Once you have found your balance on the SUP board you can being your first paddle strokes.

With the paddle at your side, close to the front of the board put it into the water and pull up to your waist. When you put the paddle in the water, your upper arm should be stretched in order to use the power from your entire body. If your right hand is above the paddle, the board will pass on your left side. [singlepic id=935w=300 h=200 float=left]

Tacking is the first direction maneuver that should be practiced. The SUP board should glide forward a few meters. Then with the SUP paddle, place the paddle in the water on the side next to the board. The paddle should be on your side and you can then make the turn. Start with something between three or four reverse paddle strokes at the turning point. Here, the paddle will go from the pull forward starting from the rear. After the end of the turn, place the SUP paddle to the other side and continue paddling evenly.

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