Preview 2012 Brunotti boards (Youri Zoon Pro, Onyx, Pro X, Kite Wave..)

Interesting guests bumping into our head office in Hamburg St. Pauli

Right before opening of this year’s Kitesurf Worldcup St. Peter Ording we were lucky to welcome Michi to our head office in Hamburg St. Pauli.

Not only catching up with our friends from Bo4 sports, it was the preview of Brunottis 2012 boards which caused our major excitement.

They brought the following boards:

[singlepic id=886w=300 h=200  float=left]The ‘Youri Zoon Pro’, which will probably hold the pole position (surely justified with win of this years world tour) of Brunottis range for the next couple of years.

It is still the no. 1 freestyle weapon of Brunotti and is made for the ambitionized advanced and of course, the pros.


130 x 39 cm, 133 x 40 cm, 136 x 41 cm

[singlepic id=890w=300 h=200  float=left]The ‘Riva-L’ board is one of the brand new models of Brunottis 2012 collection. The cherrywood design is definitely eye-catching, the ABS rail protects the core of the relatively stiff freeride board. It is made for the intermediates.


128 x 38 cm, 128 x 41 cm, 133 x 38 cm, 133 x 41 cm

[singlepic id=880w=300 h=200  float=right]

The ‘Pro X’ pops up with a stylish new design. The board with its top-line speed, early planning (thanks to the progressive concave) and great pop was developed for high performance freestyle action and should be loved by the discerning intermediate and pros.


128 x 38,5 cm, 128 x 40 cm, 134 x 38,5 cm, 134 x 40 cm

[singlepic id=884w=300 h=200  float=left]Specially and spectacular designed for women is this year’s Brunotti ‘Riptide’. The freeride board is made for the fast climbers and intermediates.


125 x 36 cm, 125 x 38 cm, 130 x 36 cm, 130 x 38 cm

[singlepic id=883w=300 h=200  float=right]The second completely new developed board of Brunotti is called ‘Dimension’. It’s a relatively soft board with channels in the base which are also responsible for its traction. Beginner and intermediates will enjoy the advantages of that good looking piece of wood.


128 x 38 cm, 130 x 39 cm, 132 x 40 cm, 134 x 41 cm, 136 x 42 cm

[singlepic id=888w=300 h=200  float=left]An old but still great acquaintance is the ‘Onyx’, which also assured its position in Brunottis 2012 range. The medium stiff freeride weapon was developed for the advanced users among us.


130 x 38 cm, 130 x 40 cm. 130 x 42 cm, 136 x 38 cm, 136 x 40 cm, 136 x 42 cm

[singlepic id=889w=300 h=200  float=right]Last but not least, there is this year’s new ‘Kite Wave’. It’s developed for the majority of wave-riders. Designed for those who play with sloppy onshore waves most of their time and those how want to get into wave kiting asap.


5’5, 5’8, 6’2, 8’4

We were pretty stoked after the preview of Brunottis new range, that’s why we orderd some of the new boards right away. Go and check them out in the upcoming season in our KiteWorldwide Lodge Kenya!