Nils Wesch at Kitesurf Trophy Germany

This is a short report from KiteWorldWide teamrider Nils Wesch about the first two stops of Kitesurf Trophy, the German Championships in kitesurfing.

Unfortunately we didn´t have any wind at the first tourstop of the German Championship in Damp so we didn´t had any result for that weekend.
2 weeks later in Holnis at my homespot we had the best conditions ever ! I sticked all my tricks and got into the final at the first year with the mens.

My final against Mario Rodwald was a really close one for the judges. I butt checked a lot of my tricks but i was more then happy with my heat. Lots of power with which i want to get recognized !
I ended up 2nd and i´m super happy with that ! Next tourstop is Sylt where i´m going to go full power the be on the podium this time.

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