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The last weeks at our place here at the KiteWorldWide Office in Hamburg have been a bit out of the normal, since we usually are the ones visiting the partners in our destinations around the globe. But this time, it was somehow different:

KiteWorldWide Center Zanzibar / Jambiani

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For a start, Mark came visiting. He runs the KiteWorldWide Lodge Zanzibar in Jambiani. Joining him did Guillaume, who worked there last year as a kite instructor. Together we decided to open our own Kite centre at site: The KiteWorldWide Centre Zanzibar / Jambiani! No sooner said than done, Mark has already brought the first ten kites and five boards down. All brand-new CORE XR2, from seven till 15 square metres. And, for the start off we do a give-away special: Free half board (normally 98 € / Week) for everybody, now booking their Zanzibar stay for June. Please note: There are no more rooms available in the Lodge in August, but no worries, the season still lasts until the beginning of October…

KiteWorldWide Lodge Kenia

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Also Philipp, our Kite instructor at the KiteWorldWide Lodge Kenya, is once again on a visit in Hamburg. And what could he be up to? Kitesurfing, of course. Though, after finishing a session in Kiel with 25-35 knots, he has to admit that kitesurfing in Germany is hard work, already longing for the constant wind and warm weather in Kenya. In the end of June he will return.

Kite and Sail between Zanzibar and Kenya

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If you would like to combine a holiday visiting the two above-mentioned dream destinations, then go to sea with us. On the dates this summer (5.7.-9.7., 23.8.-27.8., 6.9.-10.9.), the Kite Cruise Zanzibar – Kenya still has some few places left.

Egypt: More rooms in the Kite Club

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Next up visiting us were our partners for many years, Kiki and Ibi from Ibi & friends in Egypt. As the idea offering our own rooms in the middle of the stress-free and cosy Kite club Seahorse Bay turned out to be a success, we’ve decided to expand. Right on time at the start of the main summer season (from August), you can now find seven of these newly built wonderful rooms.

Brasilien: neue KiteWorldWide Kiteschule

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And last weekend two of us went to Amsterdam. Here we met Sandra and Marcel, who run the KiteWorldWide Pousada in Brazil. Nice to meet the two again, as the last visit in Tatajuba is already half a year ago. Unfortunately their little boy, Kyan, had to stay with his grandparents, so we will have to return to Brazil to see him again;). From this season also Tatajuba will have its own KiteWorldWide Kitesurfing School, and the first two stuffed kitesurf bags will arrive together with the Dutch couple in the end of June.

TAP flights to Brazil

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By the way, the windy season in the northern of Brazil lasts from August till February, and the flights are still at fantastic prices (with TAP starting at 700 €). New of the year are the changed baggage regulations: Free baggage allowed is 2×32 kg, but sports equipment is now charged with 90 € per item one-way! The best tactic is for you and your fellow travellers to pack all boards in one boardbag and the kites in a normal suitcase. In this way, it gets even cheaper than before.

Flying visit to Fuerteventura

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But we were also on the road. Even though only for four days, Fuerteventura is always worth a visit. It was windy every day, and Dominik – our IT Manager – kited his first 100 m with the board after no more than two days beginners course. Respect!

Many thanks and nice greetings from the KiteWorldWide Office Hamburg,


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